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My name is Tracy Feldmann. I live in small town Ohio, with my wonderful hubby, my fabulous teenage son and our dog/kid, Ranger. Life is insane at least half the time. My awesome first born son is off sailing the seas and serving the red white and blue in the US Navy. Proud of that guy? You bet! I have a love of all things art and crafty. After many years of putting my passion for art in a secluded, dark corner of my life to collect cobwebs, I am now tripping all over myself trying to make up for lost time and loving it! I must admit, I am quite overwhelmed at times trying to get caught up. I am a book junkie and can not let a day go by without getting some hefty reading time in. On the whole, I am a fairly regular gal, though I am just a tad twisted!


animals, reading, photography, family, crochet, art and crafty stuff of all kinds (painting, mixed media, jewelry designing, and such), and fresh peaches on cheerios with a little milk and a healthy dusting of sugar