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shopping stops

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The yarn looks lovely! I've been in search of yarns for warm weather wearing, so this might do the trick.


Your crocheted scarf is sooo beautiful! The yarn and color you've chosen are lovely. What pattern is that? You are sweet to mention me (*BLUSH*)...But you know, I would love to crochet as well as you do! I've knit for many years, but am still getting the hang of the crochet thing. ;o) There are so many great wool yarns out there, but not everyone can tolerate wool near their skin. Alapac fiber is a nice, all-natural alternative. Many people who have wool sensitivities can manage using/wearing knit & crochet pieces worked in alpaca. The Bernat yarn company has a great range of yarns, many of them are synthetic blend and natural/synthetic blends. Bernat Silk is a pretty 100% acrylic yarn that has a lovely light sheen and feels a delicious as an expensive silk-blend yarn. Bernat's newer Bamboo yarn is wonderful too--this one is mostly bamboo with a touch of acrylic, has a light sheen, nice to work with, mainly pastel & neutral colors available, and yields pretty results. Bernat Soy is another good one--mostly soy fiber with a bit of acrylic. And there's Bernat's Cot'n Corn which is a unique blend of cotton and corn plant fiber! Let me send you an email with some links and some sources to get you knitting...I think you'll like it! :o) Happy yarn crafting...which ever needles you use! ((HUGS))


That scarf is gorgeous -- the color is heaven. I'm sure Manny's teacher loved it.

I can't help you a bit with the knitting. Tendonitis keeps me from working at it enough to get any good. Best of luck! xo

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